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ESG management

ESG management and sustainable investments are now an integral part of the real estate industry. The demands on real estate players are constantly increasing and range from regulatory and legal issues to strategic planning and corporate management. With our ESG services in real estate management, we support our customers in continually becoming more sustainable, making economically sensible decisions and always remaining compliant in the jungle of international regulations (e.g. EU taxonomy) and disclosure requirements (e.g. SFDR). stay. 

Our services include sustainability strategies at property, portfolio and company level, a 360° ESG quick check, detailed ESG verification for the EU taxonomy, continuous ESG monitoring, reporting and reports (including GRI, CSRD, GRESB, SFDR) , CO2 accounting (Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3 emissions), CO2 reduction path according to CRREM, climate protection path according to DGNB, sustainability certificates.

Our services:

·       Sustainability strategies at property, portfolio and company level

·       360° ESG Quick Check

·       Detailed ESG verification according to EU taxonomy

·       Continuous ESG monitoring

·       Reports (e.g. GRI, CSRD, GRESB, SFDR)

·       CO2 accounting (Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3 emissions)

·       CO2 reduction path according to CRREM

·       Climate protection path according to DGNB

·       Sustainability certificates (e.g. SNBS, DGNB, BREEAM, LEED)

·       Building energy certificates (EPC), e.g. GEAK

We look forward to hearing from you and are ready for an inspiring exchange of experiences with you.

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