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Data protection

«We treat business customers and service partners, consumers and other stakeholders and their data with respect. We handle your data and sensitive information carefully and comply with confidentiality obligations and data protection laws.”

“We” are FORTEFOLIO, Hohfurenstrasse 3, CH-8610 Uster.

You can reach our data protection team at

In principle, we only ask you for the information that we need in order to be able to carry out the service for which you have provided us with the data smoothly. In addition, during certain processes we automatically collect information such as your IP address and date and time in order to be able to track potential misuse of your data. In addition, we collect the course of your interaction and any input to verify that we are communicating with a human and not with artificial intelligence in order to prevent misuse of our website.

If we pass on your data to third parties, we will explicitly draw your attention to this.

We store your data until it has fulfilled the purpose for which you provided the data to us. In doing so, we take into account the legal retention requirements.

You can at any time:

  • request information from us about what personal data about you we have. FORTEFOLIO is processed and how this happens,

  • request that we correct and complete the data we process about you,

  • Request that we delete data that we process about you and that we are not legally obliged to process.

Within the scope of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can submit any supervisory requests directly to the supervisory authority responsible for you or to our data protection representative in the EU ( judge.

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