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Overall analysis of the portfolio and its monitoring

We focus on the individual needs of your properties. We pay particular attention to value retention and cost-effectiveness. 

Targeted and transparent strategies are required for the successful management of individual buildings or real estate portfolios. With our many years of experience in this area, we develop tailor-made real estate strategies for our customers.

Our offer is aimed at both municipal property management and private owners. We see ourselves as a long-term and strategic partner for our customers who not only want to achieve their business goals, but also identify and exploit hidden potential at the property, portfolio and company level.

Our services:

·       Development of real estate strategies tailored to your needs

·       Object strategy

·       Sustainability strategies*

·       Portfolio strategy Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)

·       Municipal real estate management 

·       Inspection visits to the property to check the overall condition*

·       Issuing orders for necessary and preventive repairs/repairs to  qualified craftsmen, entrepreneurs and suppliers

·       Monitoring and control of orders placed

·       Advice on damage and insurance cases*

·       Control and payment of justified claims

·       Control of financial and property accounting including closing, etc.*

·       Cross-review of the property management, checking if necessary adjustment of rent and additional costs

·       Representation of the owner in all legal matters* towards property managers, authorities, etc.

·       Handling of all matters relating to the portfolio

·       Financial planning / cash flow management

*For this purpose, external  Experts from our network were brought in

We look forward to hearing from you and are ready for an inspiring exchange of experiences with you.

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